Feeling Anxiety Free : MasterClass

$ 997

Jona Saetran’s 6 weeks online Master Class, including 3 private 1:1 coaching sessions and group coaching sessions every week with Jona online.



During those 10 weeks Jona will guide you through a process that has proven very useful to her clients to get control over their anxiety feelings, to calm those feelings and little by little to let go of them. 

Jona Saetran´s vision with this master class is to show you that you can learn to work on your anxiety feelings so they won´t stop you any longer from enjoy a fulfilling life.

In the beginning of every week Jona and her team open the doors for you to all her micro articles and worksheets for that particular week,  5 – 6 pr. week.

To ensure that you get the most of the master class, you are invited to four personal 1:1 coaching session with Jona online during the master class as well as two group coaching sessions.  The first one is already in the second week of the master class.