The next one starts in AUGUST 2024


Jona likes to open a master mind group as a follow-up program for attendees in her workshops.
Now Jona is also starting a new master mind group in August for business women, women entrepreneurs and women in other professions that perhaps have not yet finished a course with Jona but are eager to get more clarity on their life and how to enhance their self esteem and inner power to demolish difficult feelings and anxiety. How to gain more balance between their private life and their business life and move forwards to loving their life again feeling anxiety free.

We meet online at Zoom every other week for 2 months, August and September 2024. Each one of you has a personal agenda which is in fact like a piece of a bigger picture, wanting to live amore fulfilling life, feeling anxiety free.

This master mind group is only open to a very limited number of women who are inlisted in Jona´s online programs at the beginning of August or have been attending her programs in the past years.

Your investment $697 for the four master mind group sessions.


Björg Pálsdóttir
September 2020

“When I first met Jona Saetran, I had just recently started in a new job and the projects were extremely demanding. I was doing alright but then I became so worried, very unsecure and filled with anxiety. I tried to avoid working on this project. Constant worries about this kept me awake at night and I found it impossible to stop thinking about all this as I came home after work. It so happened that I ran into Jona and I told her what was going on because she had noticed my anxiety feelings right away. I decided I wanted to get started in some coaching sessions with her.

Jona´s coaching gave me amazing results. Right after the very first coaching session the anxiety was almost gone. I had been coached by several coaches before in my life but none of them gave me a result even simular to the result I got through the sessions I had with Jona Saetran. Earlier in my life it took
months, even longer than a year to get over my anxiety working with coaches and specialists. I kept going to coaching having Jona Saetran as my coach and I am very pleased. Now I take on my projects smiling and I look forward to get to work in the morning. I am also getting good at separating my work from my private life. I recommend 100% having Jona Saetran as your coach.”

Björg Pálsdóttir
September 2020

“My goal is to help you to get control over your anxiety feelings so you can bloom and live a fulfilling and joyful life.”

Jona B. Saetran
M.Ed, PPC Coach

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