Feeling lonely or feeling glad.

Your thoughts influence how you feel.
When your mind is filled with negative thinking you will almost certainly feel sad. 
If you then manage to force yourself to start thinking about something pleasant and joyful, you will start to feel better. 

When we are really worried about something we tend to stop thinking rationally.

Our thoughts get into a spin;

  • What will be?
  • How will it look?
  • What will happen when….?
  • What will happen to me?
  • What can I do?
  • How will it affect my life?

Let´s say that I really want to go to the movies, but I don´t go because I am pretty sure that everyone at the theater will start staring at me and laughing as they notice my bad haircut.

What´s logical about that?
Why should they notice my hair? It will be dark inside the theater, and I could even wear my new hat!  ….   But, I decide to stay home, feeling sad and miserable instead of going with my friends.

Do you remember something you wanted to do,   … but as you started wondering about what „bad“ things could happen …. you decided it would be more safe for you not to do it?
If so …. What was it you wanted to do?

Sure there were some roadblocks, something you became so worried about not being able to get through that you walked away from your dream at the time. 

Why didn´t I try one more time?

Tell me …. Have you ever wondered if and how you could have overcome your roadblocks? You can overcome your worries, anxiety and fear. Don´t let them control your life any more.


The triggers

Find out what triggers the automatic and negative thoughts that get you caught up in worries, anxiety and fear, that can even in the long run lead to depression.

  • You may find your answers fx. through personal coaching, mentoring and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy /CBT.
  • You can learn how to influence and control the automatic and negative thoughts.
  • You will then through practice become able to choose your reactions towards the triggers that otherwise could lead to more bad feelings and even negative behavior.
  • You can overcome your worries, anxiety and fear.


Decide not to let your stress, worries or anxiety rule over your life any longer.

Learn more about this at here.

The first step to get control over your worries is to record your thoughts, it´s called journaling. It´s  easy to do – and will proof to be very helpful. Learn more about journaling in the second week of the 6 week master class, Feeling Anxiety Free.


Writing is magic!

By writing your thoughts down you can better understand where those negative thoughts are coming from and how they affects your feelings and control your actions.

There are all kinds of things (stimuli) happening around us all the time. We can learn not to let the negative things have much affect on us as we learn how to respond.

People may react differently to the very same stimuli. Let´s say two people wake up in the middle of the night as the phone start ringing (the stimuli). Their reactions will depend on their thoughts and feelings towards the sudden phone ringing, perhaps a prior experience will trigger the different reactions. 

It is ok to have some worries from time to time. Don’t feel ashamed of being worried.
> Just don’t let your worries ruin and rule your life.

So, be aware of what you think about most of the time.

    Jona Saetran